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About - Digital Summit
“We want to be a country where our people are digital citizens, our workforce is skilled and empowered, and our youth enjoy the transformative benefits of employment in a new world of work.”
Cyril Ramaphosa
President of South Africa

About Summit

The summit is about bringing the ICT sector to Limpopo and creating a market place for people in Limpopo to engage and use the latest technological advancements.



A digital transformation market place for SMMEs and the youth.

Inform Limpopo government of the latest 4IR advances.

Inform youth of various 4IR career opportunities.

Digital transformation gate to Limpopo.

Inform the ICT industry players of ICT opportunities in Limpopo.

Showcase Limpopo based ICT SMMEs

Access to various 4IR opportunities. 



Executives/CEO’s/Managing Directors

CIO/IT Directors

CFO/Finance Directors

Managers /Network Administrators

Development and Operational Teams


Senior Leaders across all Government Department`s: Provincial and Municipal

Education Institution Heads

Medical Institution Heads

Sales and Procurement Managers

Top level representatives from Large, Medium and Small ICT Private Companies